Frequently Asked questions

In Comprehensive Wellness Pharmacy, we want to keep our patients informed. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on some of the procedures we offer. If you can’t find help on the topics below, please email us at


Can you ship all medications to me?

We currently ship prescription oral medications and compounds, and Schedule 3-5 narcotics to patients who live in the following states: TN, KY, IL, MO, AL, IA, MS, IN, VA, NC, SC and GA). Schedule 2 medications can be shipped on a case-by-case basis, contingent upon the legal limitations of the your state of residence. CWP is committed to following all federal, state and local regulations to the fullest extent. Please call 855-806-6042 for information about your particular state.

When will my medications arrive?

CWP typically ships within 24 hours of verification of your address. We always call to verify your address. At that time, we will let you know when you can expect to receive them based on your location. In addition, we can provide you with a tracking number for your package. Please note, extenuating circumstances such as weather emergencies can delay the arrival of your package. We will try to keep you updated on the rare occasion these unforeseen situations occur.

How can I be sure my medications will work well together?

You should discuss all the medication you are taking with your Provider, including over-the-counter medications and supplements. In fact, we recommend bringing all medications with you to your medical visits so your Provider can review the specific information directly. In addition, please share any allergies or adverse reactions you have had with medications in the past. This will help your Provider make the best decision regarding your protocol.

Our Pharmacists review the information we have on file for you to assure there are no harmful contraindications with the medications you are taking. Our friendly Pharmacists are available for a Medication Management consultation should you desire. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 855-806-6042 with any questions or concerns.

If you experience a reaction to any medication you are taking, please discuss this with your physician. If you experience an emergency of any type, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. Be sure to take your medications with you so the doctor is aware of them.

Can I switch all my medications to CWP?

Yes! As long as your prescription has active refills, we are a full-service pharmacy and can fill any valid prescriptions for oral medications and compounds.

Can I talk to a Pharmacist about my medications?

Of course! A friendly CWP Pharmacist is available by phone 24/7 and can answer any questions you have. Our number is 855-806-6042. If you call after our normal business hours, dial in to the pharmacy and press 3 to reach the on-call Pharmacist. We are here for you!

What if my box or medications don’t arrive as I expected or appear to have been tampered with?

All medications shipped from CWP are carefully packed and inspected. Do not take any medications that appear to have been opened or tampered with when they arrive to you. Call us at 855-806-6042 so we can help resolve the issue as quickly as possible!

What if my package doesn’t arrive on time?

Call us at 855-806-6042 and we will track down your prescription to get you the most updated information.

What if my package doesn’t arrive on time?

Call us at 855-806-6042 and we will track down your prescription to get you the most updated information.

Can I come to the pharmacy to pick up my medications?

CWP currently operates a walk-in pharmacy in the Clarksville, Tennessee area. We are open from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM Monday through Friday and 8:30 AM-Noon on Saturdays. We’d love to have you stop by! For even faster service, call ahead at 855-806-6042 and we will be ready for you. Our walk-in pharmacy is located at We are located at 2269 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Ste 103, Clarksville, TN 37040.

What if I change doctors and run out of refills?

Call us with your new doctor’s contact information and we can work with the to help get your refills approved!

Do you have an auto-refill option?

We do! Certain limitations apply dependent on state legal regulations and insurance regulations.

We are here for you! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 855-806-6042.